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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Growing Up...

Man, I can't believe how fast the years are rushing by!!

Alex will be 7!!
Yeah, he has been loosing teeth like crazy!!! 
He just lost his 4th tooth yesterday! 
He is loving 1st grade. He knows how to read very well now.
Reads everything.... I mean everything! Those stupid 
"Need a lawyer? Sex crimes, drug charges, DUI's" 
Yeah, he can read those too! Booo for him asking what
Those all mean! Haha 
He plays soccer, and baseball. 
He has TONS of friends, and is my little 
Social butterfly. He will talk to anyone, and makes friend
Where ever he goes. 
He makes sure that everyone has someone to play with or talk
To. He doesn't like when people are sad...
Unless you are Gabe, then you are pretty much on your own! Haha
He is still an extremely picky eater! 
Will eat pizza
Chicken nuggets
Hot dogs
Rice & beans
Soft tacos with JUST meat
And still loves ranch!

Hates... no DESPISES cheese... and Ice cream (who is this kid?!)

Gabe will be 4 this year! Yikes!!!
He is a chatter box! 
Will talk to everyone and anyone, and doesn't care 
If you want to hear his thoughts or not! If he 
Has an opinion about something, anyone within talking
Distance will hear about it! 
He knows all of his colors, numbers, shapes 
numbers in English and Spanish.
He knows the ABC's also. 
He speaks very clearly also and everyone can
 understand him also.
He reminds me on a daily basis that
 he is NOT a baby anymore!
He loves books and being read to.
He likes making up stories
 and asking is they are funny.
He will tell you how much he loves you in a number value.
If he's happy with you, his conversation will be like, 
"I love you a jillion 500, 234, 284, 899!!!", but don't get too
Attached to that number because in a blink 
Of an eye that conversation will be 
"I love you ZERO!!!" 
Haha crazy boy! 
He is seriously a picky eater!
He will eat
Hot dogs
Chocolate pudding

My boys are growing up way too fast!!
Love them so much!!!

Every second of it!!!

1 comment:

Jenniffer A. Lopez said...

Yes crazy loveable kids!! Love them like crazy