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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Growing Up...

Man, I can't believe how fast the years are rushing by!!

Alex will be 7!!
Yeah, he has been loosing teeth like crazy!!! 
He just lost his 4th tooth yesterday! 
He is loving 1st grade. He knows how to read very well now.
Reads everything.... I mean everything! Those stupid 
"Need a lawyer? Sex crimes, drug charges, DUI's" 
Yeah, he can read those too! Booo for him asking what
Those all mean! Haha 
He plays soccer, and baseball. 
He has TONS of friends, and is my little 
Social butterfly. He will talk to anyone, and makes friend
Where ever he goes. 
He makes sure that everyone has someone to play with or talk
To. He doesn't like when people are sad...
Unless you are Gabe, then you are pretty much on your own! Haha
He is still an extremely picky eater! 
Will eat pizza
Chicken nuggets
Hot dogs
Rice & beans
Soft tacos with JUST meat
And still loves ranch!

Hates... no DESPISES cheese... and Ice cream (who is this kid?!)

Gabe will be 4 this year! Yikes!!!
He is a chatter box! 
Will talk to everyone and anyone, and doesn't care 
If you want to hear his thoughts or not! If he 
Has an opinion about something, anyone within talking
Distance will hear about it! 
He knows all of his colors, numbers, shapes 
numbers in English and Spanish.
He knows the ABC's also. 
He speaks very clearly also and everyone can
 understand him also.
He reminds me on a daily basis that
 he is NOT a baby anymore!
He loves books and being read to.
He likes making up stories
 and asking is they are funny.
He will tell you how much he loves you in a number value.
If he's happy with you, his conversation will be like, 
"I love you a jillion 500, 234, 284, 899!!!", but don't get too
Attached to that number because in a blink 
Of an eye that conversation will be 
"I love you ZERO!!!" 
Haha crazy boy! 
He is seriously a picky eater!
He will eat
Hot dogs
Chocolate pudding

My boys are growing up way too fast!!
Love them so much!!!

Every second of it!!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Just for NATALEE!

And, because I refuse to be called a HYPOCRITE in public! Gasp! The nerve of some people! haha Some of us aren't as lucky to have such exciting lives... haha ok ok or maybe my life has been so incredibly  exciting that I havent had a chance to blog? Umm since June? Hey it can happen! (o:

Ok, so TONS has happened! Here are the important things that happened.

My sister is engaged o this fool. They definitely are in that "huggy gag me with a spoon" stage. haha They will be getting married on October 25, 2013. Fun stuff all around!

My brother and his girlfriend went from this
To giving me, my beautiful niece!
My sister in law Sara and brother in law Matt are still looking a lot like this

 We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their baby!

My three monkeys are still as handsome as ever

See! Told ya! Would I ever lie about the handsome-ness of these three cuties?! NEVER!!

And who took all of these amazing pictures you ask?! Well I did of course!! (o:


Ta Ta for Now! 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Bumper Bowling!

Today my sister sent me a text message asking me if I wanted to take the kids bumper bowling with her boyfriend Tim. I was a little surprised because she was at work haha But my boys LOVE Tim, and he seems to really like him, so since David will be out of town this weekend with my car (to help his parents move), and my parents will be out of town, I knew we would pretty much be stranded at home all weekend long with nothing fun to do haha so this was perfect! (o:

They look kinda bored, but it was because I MADE them stop to pose for a picture haha

Anyways they had a lot of fun, and would do it on their own (o:

Gabe was funny, because he would either push his ball or kick it down the lane haha and the ball would SERIOUSLY take like 5 minutes to get all the way down, and it would knock over like two pins haha But he LOVED it!

Alex would literally THROW his bowling ball and it would roll down and he was pretty good! haha he said he was good because he had practice on the Wii haha
We had a great time hanging out with Tim, and then my brother came and joined us! Stalker! He saw that I had just posted on facebook that we were there and he had just gotten off work and decided to come and join us! (o:

Tim helping Gabe bowl

Uncle Mario helping Gabe
Then when we were almost done, Gabe decided he needed to carry his ball around haha And Alex wanted a picture with his ball too.

This is a 6 pound ball! Such a strong boy!

Alex and his ball! His was an 8 pound ball.

I had a lot of fun with Alex, Gabe, Mario and Tim!

And I was surprised they had toddler shoes too!

Mine, Alex and Gabe's not SO hideous bowling shoes haha

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

California Adventures

Ok, so this is SUPER late! But hey! Better late than never! And I'm really trying to use my blog more often!!! So, this summer we went to California Adventures with Grampa, Aunt Sam, and her three kiddos!

Extremely happy boys on the Tram!

It was definitly an adventure going to a theme park without David!!! SERIOUSLY! I amazed myself!!! I was able to get the kids loaded, and ON the tram by myself! And to the actual park!

We went ON the opening day of Carsland! it was GREAT idea! The lines were ridiculously LONG and the park was really unorganized! Rides kept breaking down and it was soooo CROWDED! The first line we stood in was for some cars roller coaster, and it kept breaking down! /o: So we went to another line and we waited in that line for over 2 1/2 hours!! And Gabe decided that was an excellent time to take a nap! Yeah so I had to carry him for over an hour and a half! Yeah my back was killing me!!! Who knew a 27lb kid could really do a number on your back!! He wouldn't let Grampa hold him either!! Oh joys!

Gabe was OBSESSED with the ropes while we waited in the extremely long lines!

Me and my big kid! He was so happy!

Gabe and Corban were fighting over the ropes! haha Apparently Gabe won this round!

I saw this A LOT that day! he kept wanting to be carried!! Ugh! Heavy kid!

He was seriously SO good that day!!! Lots of happy smiles from him!

See! Told you! Seems like whenever I put him down, he wanted to be back up!

Judd kiddos!

I think Dean was on a hill or something, because he isn't THAT much taller than Alex! Haha (Whats with that weird face Alex!?)

Just about the best picture of me and my kids that I could get! Gabe kept pushing Alex and hitting him on the head! That's why Alex looks like hes flinching! Poor kid!

Little Brat! This is how we were most of the day! BLAH!

The rest of the day, there was a lot of shenanigans going on from these two! haha

sigh! Gabe! Always fighing with Alex!!

The good thing was that while the Carsland part was really crowded, the rest of the park wasnt! So we were able to get on other rides relatively fast! Which was SUPER nice, after waiting so long at the Carsland part!

Corban didn't want to be in the picture!

So tired of waiting in this long line!!!!!!!

Right before he fell asleep! (Yes, these are all from that blasted line!)

And 3 hours later! We were finally ON the ride!!

Gabe had fun kicking the HUGE balls after the ride!

So did Alex!

Shortest line ever! We seriously just walked on this ride!

Ash found a rollie pollie and it became her friend!

We were waiting for everyone to get off that huge roaring rapids water ride! We didn't want to get wet!

My sweet boys!

This is his "Shocked and appalled" face HAHA

Gabe really wanted to take his picture next to this guy!

Yeah, Gabe was SO excited to get on this ride, and then he cried the entire time! haha

We also watched this water world thing which they play music and project pictures on the water fountains thing! It was really cool and Alex REALLY loved that! (Gabe was sleeping since it was close to 10pm when that was on!)

Grampa, Sam and her kids stayed late because they wanted to go on ALL the new rides. Yeah I was over the new ride that kept breaking down! After the 4th time we went there and the ride was broken down, I didn't have faith that we were really safe on that ride anyways LOL And Alex was exhausted and Gabe was sleeping and I was tired! So since I drove my car, we just went home haha

Getting to the car was an adventure! We left during the water world show so we were able to get on the trolly on our own. I had to get Gabe out of our double stroller and try and get the stroller and the kids, plus our stuff on the trolley! YIKES! I was able to do it! (I kept thinking of Michelle while I was stressing out about getting us all on the bus thing! And she was seriously my inspiration to get it done! If she can do it on an almost daily basis, I can do it ONCE! haha So thanks Michelle!!)

Anyways people are really nice, and a group of early to mid 20's guys totally took over and grabbed the stroller and my bag and even picked up Alex to put him on the bus! And they held on to our stuff also! And helped us off! I was surprised that that happaned! Hahah but was really greatful for the kindness of those 3 boys! (o:

Anyway then my stupid cars "check engine" light came on as soon as I started the car!! ugh! So I was just PRAYING that we could get to Gramma's house safely without being stranded ON the freeway!! Phew! We made it!! (turned out to be nothing wrong with my car, just being freaky! I took it to Pep Boys and Honda just to make sure!)

Well here are some pictures!!!